Retsisrepus: 1001 Supersister moments Deluxe, XL size

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+++  SUPERSISTER Photo book! +++ 

In October 2021, the deluxe coffee table book Retsisrepus: 1001 Supersister moments, a lavishly illustrated concert chronology + discography of the progressive Dutch pop legend Supersister, will be published. In this ‘photo book’ (it’s so much more than just a photo book!) you’ll see many Supersister photos in colour and in larger size than in the Supersister biography Looking Back, Naked. Most of these photos are from private archives. Moreover, there are no less than 1001 Supersister moments listed: all known performances, recording sessions, bootleg recordings and other important moments in Supersister’s existence. Finally, you’ll find a complete discography (including photos of all LPs and CDs) in the second part towards the end of the book.


Looking back

This new book was realised in close collaboration with Robert Jan Stips and longtime manager Aad Link. Because Supersister is always looking for something special, Robert Jan came up with the idea to create this book in reverse chronological order. That’s why the book opens with the Supersister Projekt in 2021 and ends with The Blubs in 1964. ‘All’s well that begins well,’ is how Robert Jan argued his choice.



This coffee table book is a supplement to the biography published in 2020. In that edition of almost 1000 pages there was no space left for a complete discography, and many photos had to remain unseen. For those who crave more, there is now Retsisrepus: 1001 Supersister moments.




Supersister concerts chronology + discography, incl. many previously unseen photos!

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1.9 kg
Afmetingen 30 × 30 × 3 cm


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