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Supersister Projekt 2019



So proud to announce you the surprise of the year… 

 What may SUPERSISTER have sounded like in 2019? Written by Robert Jan Stips and performed by ‘SUPERSISTER PROJEKT 2019’, anew album ‘RETSIS REPUS’in the style of good old SUPERSISTER

will be released very soon…
You can pre order at
When Dutch television decided to make a documentary about Robert Jan, he took this as an opportunity to see if he – after some 50 years – still has what it takes tot write the songs that would fit right into the musical mind-set of his first and legendary group Supersister. 
RJ, Supersister original drummer Marco Vrolijk and many friends-thru-his-life (Golden Earring, NITS, Gruppo Sportivo, Freek de Jonge) recorded the basic tracks in beach house ‘de Fuut’ near The Hague, with camera’s present for the documentary ‘De Tovenaar van de Nederpop’ (Magician of the Dutch pop music scene). 
This took place in October 2018. Documentary and album are finished now – we expect the release of the CD to be in the end of March AND also 2 XXL live concerts– with many guests present on stage – will take place :




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