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Supersister Nearfest 2011 canceled

We’re very sorry to let you know that Supersister won’t able to play at Nearfest 2011. At first we decided to accept the invitation of the festival after several test rehearsals, things changed however when last week Ron was taken to hospital after a sudden pneumonia. Though now he’s home again and doing quite well, we feel and found out the hard way that he is still in the middle of recovering from leukemia and we should give him more time to recover completely. We do hope you can understand that we would love to present ourselves at Nearfest in 2012 the way we really want : in good shape and in good health. Hope to see you there as well,
Ron, Marco and Robert Jan.

4 thoughts on “Supersister Nearfest 2011 canceled

  1. Ron, van harte beterschap !!

  2. Ron, gezondheid gaat voor alles, sterkte.
    We zien jullie vast nog wel in de nabije toekomst (hopelijk ook nog een keertje hier in Nederland)

  3. lieve andrea
    Ben blij ron nog gezien te hebben. Heb nog steeds moeite met sacha heb geen woorden alleen gevoelens en memories
    Dag lieve ron ik hoop dat je sacha ziet
    halina van geest

  4. Familie, vrienden, ver en dichtbij, gecondoleerd met het verlies van Ron.

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