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Rerelease Sweet OK Supersister 2 DVD Live Paradiso 2000

This week there will be a rerelease of the Sweet OK Supersister 2 DVD.

Also more Supersiter CD  titels will be soon available again.

We are now working to get the payment section in the shop up and running.

Stay tuned!


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Supersister – Dreaming Wheelwhile blue vinyl pressing

Music On Vinyl is honored to unveil ‘Dreaming Wheelwhile’, a one-of-a-kind compilation of the band’s early period. Songs like “A Girl Like You”, “Dreaming Wheelwhile” and “No Tree Will Grow (On Too High A Mountain)” are presented on two 10″ records, packed in a gatefold sleeve. The first pressing will see the daylight as a limited edition of 500 copies on coloured vinyl. Available while stocks last!

Note that there is no CD version of this compilation!

Filmed at Record Industry, Haarlem, Netherlands.

Song: Supersister – “Judy Goes On Holiday”

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On the 13th of April at the Mega Platenbeurs in the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht, a new SUPERSISTER live (!) album  was released, by PSEUDONYM RECORDS.


“LONG LIVE SUPERSISTER !” is a deluxe 180gm double-LP set presenting  unreleased material from live performances recorded in 1971 and 1973, along with four rare studio tracks, cut in Germany in 1971 with orchestral accompaniment conducted by Alfred Hause. All are dynamically remastered in the 24-bit domain from the original master tapes. The album comes in a gatefold cover featuring rare photos and exclusive new interview material with  Robert Jan Stips.

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This is no good news…

Supersisters and brothers

Supersisters and brothers

This is no good news…
Since July 20th, wednesday morning,  our dear friend bass player Ron van Eck is no longer with us.  After several years of heavy health struggling his body ‘simply’  had to give up – the end was reached. The end of his working so hard and so patiently on recovering, which even one day resulted in the fact that he picked up the bass guitar again.  Supersister even started to rehearse – very cautiously –  we had high hopes to be able to play Nearfest ’11 after also completing a short TV appearance in September ‘10.
Sadly enough we had to cancel all this shortly after : Ron suddenly suffered from significant fall-back. It seemed as if Ron had to start all over again – which he did, as he had done everything before, utmost bravely, but as we know now, half a year later: in vain…

Ron was Supersister’s architect and philosopher – without him it would have been something else completely, as well musically as lyric-wise.  We sure will miss him badly, our dear music mate and friend with whom we went through so many stages in life together.

Bye bye Ron, thank you for all your notes, words, ideas… our Red Giant !







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Supersister Nearfest 2011 canceled

We’re very sorry to let you know that Supersister won’t able to play at Nearfest 2011. At first we decided to accept the invitation of the festival after several test rehearsals, things changed however when last week Ron was taken to hospital after a sudden pneumonia. Though now he’s home again and doing quite well, we feel and found out the hard way that he is still in the middle of recovering from leukemia and we should give him more time to recover completely. We do hope you can understand that we would love to present ourselves at Nearfest in 2012 the way we really want : in good shape and in good health. Hope to see you there as well,
Ron, Marco and Robert Jan.

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Supersister will appear as trio on Nearfest 2011

the Surprising Persisting Spirit of
Born in the Netherlands of the roaring sixties, Supersister became a local legend in the early seventies with their first single ‘ She was Naked’, followed by 4 remarkable albums that even more established their unique place in the music scene.

In the following years until 1974 the group further developed their new and very own language of European orientated pop music, received well internationally by not the least people like John Peel and cooperated with trendsetting companies like the Netherlands Dance Theatre.
Supersisters reappearance at the LA Progfest in 2000, followed by the live DVD Supersisterious (live in Amsterdam) in 2000, proved that their music didn’t lose a bit of its crispy edge. After the unexpected loss of flutist Sacha van Geest that same year, this successful reunion came to a sudden end.

Now, some 10 years later Supersister will appear as a trio* on Nearfest 2011, with very much Sacha in mind and for the sake of the timeless spirit and humor that will always be part of Supersisters live performances.

* SS line up 2010 : Ron van Eck- bass, Marco Vrolijk – drums,
Robert Jan Stips – keyboards & vocals

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Dutch top 2000

Please vote for Supersister in the Dutch top 2000 at

It is in Dutch but try anyway

best regards

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Supersister 1971

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Sacha and Ron 1972

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